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A Furnace Tune Up Ensures Efficiency & Reliability

FurnaceMaint75A properly maintained and tuned up furnace will function more efficiently, run longer, and save you money on your utility bills. And, having a professional HVAC tech regularly inspect your heating system could save you money on costly repairs down the road. During the year, your furnace accumulates dust and dirt which can make it less efficient and more expensive to operate. Regular furnace service ensures that your heating system is running at peak efficiency, keeping your family warm and comfortable.

What’s included in our Furnace Tune Up?

  • Gas Leak Check
  • Flame Sensor Check & Clean
  • Drain Line Cleaning
  • Check Circuit Board
  • Check Ducting, Insulation and Filters
  • Heat Strips
  • Check & Balance Fan Blades
  • Breakers and Fuses
  • Check Ignitors
  • Inspect Belts
  • Inspect Electrical Connectors
  • Check Thermostat
  • Inspect Inducer Motor
  • Evaluate Amps Start/Run
  • And more…call us for complete details!

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Regular maintenance and service ensures that your air conditioner unit or furnace will be running at peak efficiency, keeping your family comfortable and saving you money.

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