Prices, “Average For Boiler Hot Water System”

The chart below will provide you with a general guide line of boiler systems cost for the average 1200 to 2200 square ft home. The price range also shows the average low cost unit to the average high cost unit. In both cases only top quality units are used that will provide the customer many years of trouble free comfort and service. A firm cost cannot be given because of the many variables involved. Some of these variables will be outlined below the chart. This budget estimating guide is for replacement only and therefore does not include any additional duct work.

Boiler Efficiency Rating BTU Rating Boiler Only Installed
84% AFUE Efficiency 50,000 to 150,000 $6,156 to $7,987
92% AFUE Efficiency  70,000 to 150,000  $8,870 to $10,760
94% AFUE Efficiency 80,000 to 155,000 $11,267 to $13,876

Some Reasons Why A Exact Firm Price Cannot Be Shown

→   The exact size of the home is not known?

→   The number of windows are not known?

→   What are the insulation levels in the home?

→   Is the home 1, 2, or 3 story. How many rooms?

→   Landscaping factors, trees, flat, direction of home and air infiltration.

The above provides some of the reasons a exact price cannot be shown. The chart, however, still gives you the customer a look a real prices so that a budget can be determined. When you are ready to get a exacting price for the new system, you only need to call One Hour.

One Hour Cherry Hill will provide a free in-home estimate, giving you different options and exact pricing for each option. This leaves the final purchasing decision in the hands of the homeowner.

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