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Oxy Quantum LED Air Purifier

Oxy Quantum LED Air Purifier

The OxyQuantum Air Purifier is a high tech state of the art Air Purifier. It incorporates advanced technology developed by NASA for deep space missions.

806b8fde-5fe1-479b-8a3f-bdea1390adaeThe OxyQuantum LED provides a safe and efficient way to remove toxins from the air. The unit is composed of a “U” shaped combination UVV and UVC light source. “This is a patented system.” These units are mounted in the HVAC ventilation ducts. The UVV light (ozone) is used to oxidize toxic compounds and gases for a safe and odor free environment. The UVC light range is used to kill bacteria and other microorganisms in the air.
For those that may be concerned about ozone, the unit only puts out .04ppm (parts per million) and this is further reduced because it is inside the duct. The EPA has set safe levels of ozone at .05ppm and OSHA has set safe levels at .10 for a constant 8 hour exposure. While the units are safe some people can smell ozone in the air. For this reason the unit is equipped with a adjustment knob that will reduce the ozone to a level that is acceptable by the user.
Because this process is such a powerful purification method, it can eliminate particles as small as 0.001 microns. This means tiny particles that could be absorbed into the lungs and cause damage are eliminated.

Why would we need such a device in our homes?

Newer homes are built air tight to increase the efficiency of the heating and air conditioning systems. While this makes us more comfortable, it comes a a price and that price is air quality. A build up of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can occur. The concentration of these VOCs can be 10 times greater in the home then in the outside air. In these concentrations the following health issues can occur

  • Eye, nose and throat irritation
  • Headaches, loss of coordination and nausea
  • Damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system
  • Some organics can cause cancer in animals, some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans.

If you have concerns about you indoor air quality, you do not have to guess if there is a problem. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning has the latest state of the art testing equipment and can test your home for air quality. This is done by placing a high tech electronic piece of equipment in your home that will analyze the air and provide you with a 5 page report on the elements in your air. The instrument is usually left in the home overnight.

Installation: The product is installed in the air duct and typically takes only one hour. The device will start purifying and cleaning of your home immediately.

Contact One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning with any questions about this product or any of our other fine air improvement products.

“Improve Your Home Air Quality Today”

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