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Tank Type Hot Water Heaters

Be informed About Your choice, that’s good for business!

Business owners are often faced with difficult decisions. Do I invest more money up front, (with a high efficiency system) to gain greater savings in the long run or install a more standard system?

No matter your type of business, hotel, restaurant, home office, apartment building, or other. When a great deal of hot water is required, your decision to purchase high-efficiency or standard hot water equipment should be an informed choice.

“Let us look at some of the basic differences”


Electric vs Gas

Gas type heaters are much more popular than electric. Gas type water heaters on average will cost half that of electric to operate and will bring the hot water back up to the set temperature twice as fast as electric units.


Tank type vs Tank-less

Tank-less are recognized for their their high-efficiency and endless supply of hot water. In a commercial environment this does not always hold true. Some of these tank-less types of units are also used in large residential homes. In a home type of setting when properly sized and located they can work well.

Storage tank water heaters are simpler than tank-less types. This means less costly maintenance and repairs. The initial cost for installing a tank-less water heater can be many times the cost of a tank type. Where large volumes of hot water are required multiple units may be required.

One Hour Heating an Air Conditioning supplies all types of water heaters, electric, gas tank-less and tank type. All makes and models.

We provide maintenance, repair, and installation on all units. We offer a free estimate for new installations and will work with you to provide you with the best value and reliability possible.  

How About Efficiency?

Residential water heater efficiency is measured differently than commercial gas water heaters. Only consumer grade water heaters,  having a gas input of 75,000 BTU or less, are tested & assigned an official Energy Factor (EF rating) by the DOE (US Dept of Energy). For this reason “Energy Star” ratings are usually only seen on residential equipment.

Water heaters with a input higher than 75,000 BTUs are considered commercial water heaters. This is why they aren’t given an EF rating. Commercial ratings are instead determined by thermal efficiency, expressed as a percentage indicating how much energy they can extract from the fuel they use. For commercial grade equipment , ”high-efficiency” refers to units that have a thermal efficiency of 90% or higher. Anything lower is considered “standard,” though by law all water heaters must be at least 80% efficient.

Typical Tank Sizes For Homes Are 30, 40, 60, 80 Gallon sizes. Commercial Tank Sizes Usually Range From 30 To 200 Gallon And Can Even Go Up To 900+ Gallons.

No Matter What Your Size Or Application, One Hour Heating And Air Conditioning Will Be Ready To Assist You With Your Selection. Have Questions Call And Speak To One Of Our Friendly Hot Water Experts Today.  

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